Marriage is a gift of God

and a means of grace.


In the life-long union of marriage

we can know the joy of God,

who made us in his own image,

male and female.


Marriage is founded in God’s loving nature,

and in his covenant of love with us in Christ.


Husband and wife,

in giving themselves to each other in love,

reflect the love of Christ for his Church.


In Christian marriage,

wife and husband are called

to live faithfully together,

to love each other with respect,

tenderness, and delight.


A marriage service is a service of worship. It includes hymns, prayers and readings from the Bible. During the service the bride and groom make their vows to one another and exchange rings.


Our hope is to make your marriage service as personal to you as possible. You choose the vows that you make to one another. You choose the music you want played and the hymns that will be sung. You can involve friends and family. You are responsible for decorating the church.


The timing of the service will depend on what else you have planned for the day. It’s best to start with the time you are to be seated for your meal and work back. Your photographer will advise you on the time s/he requires. Most services start between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.


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