Sunday 2 April 2023

Sunday is Palm Sunday. We meet for worship at 9.30am in Bowden Kirk and 11.00am in Melrose Church. We will be celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism in Melrose. Melrose services are livestreamed and you can watch on our Facebook page or church website. A podcast based on the service will be posted on Saturday evening. You can listen to it on 01896 80855.

Lent Readings

A reading plan that takes you through each of the 4 Gospels during Lent. Here are the readings for this week.

Monday 3 April – John 13-14

Tuesday 4 April – John 15-16

Wednesday 5 April – John 17-18

Thursday 6 April – John 19-20

Friday 7 April – John 21

Saturday 8 April – 1 Corinthians 15

Sunday 9 April – It’s Easter!

Holy Week and Easter Services

In addition to our regular services of Sunday worship we will be joining with Holy Trinity and St Cuthbert’s Churches in worship over Holy Week and Easter.

Sunday 2 April, 7.00pm – Service in Holy Trinity Church

Monday 3 April, 7.00pm – Service in St Cuthbert’s Church

Tuesday 4 April, 7.00pm – Service in Holy Trinity Church

Wednesday 5 April, 7.00pm – Service in Melrose Parish Church

Thursday 6 April, 7.00pm – Maundy Thursday Service in Melrose Parish Church Hall

Friday 7 April, 2.00pm – Performance of St Matthew Passion by Waverley Consort in Melrose Parish Church

7.00pm – Good Friday Service in Bowden Kirk

Saturday 8 April – Churches open for prayer and contemplation.

Sunday 9 April, 7.30am – Early morning worship for Easter Day on the Saddle of the Eildons

Help needed in Melrose!

Waverly Consort are performing the St Matthew Passion on the afternoon of Good Friday, Friday 7 April. They are looking for volunteers to serve teas and coffees at the interval. If you can help please let Rosie or Tracey know. Thanks!

We would like to have the church open on Easter Saturday which is also the day of the Melrose Sevens. For this we need people. There’s a rota in the Gattonside Porch. Help would be appreciated.

BBS UK ‘We Carry the Gene’ Challenge

Jemima Billam is part of our church family. She was diagnosed with Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS) in 2018 when she was 12 years old. There are currently around 640 families affected by Bardet-Biedl syndrome in the UK. BBS is a rare, recessively inherited syndrome, affecting approximately 1 in 100,000 babies born. Features include rod-cone dystrophy, a progressive eye disorder that leads to blindness, obesity, renal abnormalities, developmental delay, speech and language difficulties, extra digits, and learning difficulties. Not all the features are always present in those diagnosed as having BBS and each one can vary in severity and appearance.

Jemima along with her brothers and their team of supporters are taking part in the BBS UK ‘We Carry the Gene’ Challenge, specifically supporting the Team Scotland leg, which will be run (walked and cycled) throughout April and May 2023. This Team Scotland, leg, will see around 350 people take part, carrying the baton over the 12 sections of the Caledonian route. Find out all about the route and how to get involved, or simply to support by making a donation and/or sharing the campaign page to your networks, check out their crowdfunding page: carrythegeneteamscotland. Thank you!

New clarinet stop in memory of Jim Marshall

It is felt that a fitting tribute to Jim Marshall’s 56 years as organist would be to install an additional, and much needed, solo stop to the organ. If you would like to sponsor an organ pipe in Jim’s memory, information sheets and donation envelopes are available in both churches.

Bowden Community Café

This continues to meet on the third Wednesday of each month in Bowden Village Hall at 11am – the next is on 19th April 2023. All are very welcome.

Open Door

Come along to our weekly Open Door every Thursday, 10.00am-12noon, when the hall will be open for tea, coffee, company and chat. If you would like to join the rota of helpers there’s a sign-up sheet in the church kitchen. Thank you!

Eco congregation – You’re invited to help make a difference and join a local Clean Up in Melrose, Darnick, Newstead, Gattonside and surrounding areas. April 15-23. Contact Val Miller for more information – 822758. All tools, gloves, bags etc will be provided.

Galashiels Foodbank

With the cost of living crisis many are seeking help from the local Foodbank. Donations of food can be left at the pickup points in Galashiels at ASDA, M&S, Poundland, and Iceland, as well as Co-op stores in Melrose and Earlston. Money to buy perishable items can be donated at Thank you!

Church Choir

The choir rehearses on Sundays at 09.45am. Any additional members will be made very welcome. Thank you.

Coffee After Church

Teas and coffees are available after the Melrose service in the Church Hall. All are welcome and if you would like to join the rota of helpers, please send a message to the office.