Letter from Al Shurooq

Al Shurooq School for Blind Children announces the beginning of the fruitful academic year 2022-2023:

It is that time of year again, and as the summer holiday comes to an end, Al Shurooq School for Blind Children is giving the opportunity to benefit from our unlimited services offered to all visually impaired Palestinian children aged 3- 12 years old in an effort to integrate them into the local community by promoting and enhancing their cultural, educational, social and economic standards.

In addition to the Academic and educational services, a rehabilitation program that includes OT services, PT services, SP services, and psychological social support is provided to our students by a professional staff. Moreover, our students are offered full boarding facilities.

Also, a computerized Braille book production unit is operable at the Society. We print school textbooks, university textbooks, seminars, Academic research, literature and history books, novels, and scientific articles in both English and Arabic. And because it is a new beginning and a refresh toward perfection, we are opening our occupational and psychological rehabilitation center very soon where we will be offering rehabilitation services
for our school students as well as for others who are in need.

We have just started the new academic year, in which we hope to develop all the necessary resources for the benefit of our growing numbers of students. As well as making sure that, the primary necessities such as food, housing, clothing, stationery, and a safe, clean environment are all provided. NSFVH/ Al-Shurooq School seek to serve its children with love, refine their personalities and develop their scientific and practical level. Your support will definitely make this easier.

NSVH and its staff are grateful to all the friends who have contributed to its continuation, enlightened the hearts of children deprived of seeing the light, and brought a smile to every mother whose child began to achieve knowledge, joy, and confidence.

Therefore, our friends please let`s start our new academic year together. Keep in touch with us to be
up-dated with all news of our children whom you are sponsoring. You will be proud of them.
Sincerely yours
Al-Shurooq School Team